Una reforma integral garantizada de su propiedad. El estándar mínimo de un proyecto nuestro siempre será alto. Desde la calidad de los acabados hasta la dedicación de cada profesional de nuestro equipo involucrado en su proyecto.

puesta en escena en casa

    Why does my house need                  Home Staging?

If you wonder why your house needs a staging to help you sell or rent it as soon as possible, the answer is very simple: for your next visits, a picture is worth a thousand words. If the photos of your house do not fall in love at first sight, you will have lost a golden opportunity to make a good first impression.

Venta de vivienda

  Do you want to buy, rent or               sell a flat or house in                     Barcelona and its                        surroundings?

Domzula is the real estate agency specialized in second-hand or new-build flats and houses.
Give good advice to our clients so that they can carry out operations with confidence and security.

Gestión de proyectos


Architects, designers, project managers and builders work hand in hand and accompany our clients throughout the process of comprehensive reform, decoration and / or creation of a new construction project.

There are numerous variables that can advise that the sale of real estate in stock is not the best option in the short term  



We create timeless settings, full of serenity and elegance, with an intensive care for details and a love for unique objects.

Nueva construcción


We design, develop and execute comprehensive new construction projects. We are looking for flexible, versatile and sustainable homes, and for this the team uses all its creativity to make each home unique even if it belongs to a set.



Identificamos, creamos y transformamos activos inmobiliarios, para ofrecer oportunidades de negocio rentables, a nuestros clientes e inversores. ¿Estás pensando en invertir?



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